Oh!Bento’s Busy Day!

Ok so wow today has been nonstop! Hence posting so late!

First off this morning I had to prepare two bento. One for me and one for someone involved in the training course I’m currently on.

It was fun and I made the kitchen look like a warzone!

Here is my bento:


In my Black+Blum Box Appetit there is:
•Mayo-chip spice pasta
•Mixed salad
•Crispy chicken
•Cherry tomatoes and
•Hard boiled egg

It was soo filling and so tasty too!!

The bento I made for the other person ( no I won’t tell you their name 😉 ) contained all of above with the addition of apple rabbits.


Then the wonderful Sheri over at Awesome Sauce and Asshattery made a great post about my DIY bento picks ( You need to head over because she looks great in a yukata!! )

And then my guest post about how to start making your own bento went live over on SushiSushi!

And to top it all off I was up until 23:10 washing the pots and cleaning the kitchen 😦

But overall it was a great day and tomorrow I have to make lunch for me and two of the course tutors 🙂

World Book Day – Potter Bento

Today is World Book Day!!!
So to commemorate I have made a Harry Potter Bento⚡


This box contains:
⚡A “Dragon” egg, which sadly absorbed too much dye as it was supposed to be a cracked effect.
⚡A “Golden Snitch” egg.
⚡The Deathly Hallows symbol.
⚡Mixed vegetables.
⚡Meaty rice
⚡Pickled cucumber

You may notice the background is trees, Forbidden Forest anyone? :p

For more fun filled, book themed lunches head over to Eats Amazing 🙂


I am also using bento to try and raise awareness of Red Nose Day which is a great charity, I only need to raise £35 more to reach the target ( that means if 35 people donate you only need to donate £1!!!) so please help make a small donation so we can make a difference!

Donations can be made here >>>>> https://my.rednoseday.com/sponsor/ohbento

New Old Traditional Rabbit Bento Box


I ordered this bento off eBay about 8 days ago, although it seemed sooo much longer!

It’s such a great little box, it’s slightly scratched and buffed in places but I think that adds to the character of the box. Plus it was made in, I think it said, the 70s so I don’t expect it to be gleaming. It did say in the description it was scratched so it’s not like I wasn’t warned 🙂

It’s a two tiered, black box with a traditional usagi (rabbit) and moon motif. In Japan there is a story that on the moon there lives a rabbit making mochi ( sweet rice cake), so rabbits and moons are often featured together in Japanese culture. Just like Sailor Moon, her name in Japanese is usagi tsukino, which translates as Rabbit child of the moon… I think.

The bottom layer is 250 ml and the too layer is 200ml so it’s a nice little box 🙂
And the seal feels pretty water tight!