Hello again strangers!

It seems like so long since I last posted, ok it is a long time since I last posted.

Let’s forget that and get to the good stuff, BentoBots!IMG_6237.JPG

BentoBots is a new lunch system that is currently in it’s funding stage on Kickstarter, and honestly it’s one of the cooler lunch systems I’ve seen, so much so that it is the first project I have backed on Kickstarter.

Other than the fact the lunch system itself looks awesome it also comes with magazines to help teach children healthy eating habits in a fun way that they will remember.

I mean which would you be more likely to remember, “Carrots are good for you because they contain vitamin A” or “Carrots are good for you because they help give you strength to beat the evil fast food bad guys?” I know which one I would’ve preferred as a kid (and an adult).IMG_6238.JPG

What I also like is that there are three different robots, or styles of lunchbox and carry case. I also like that they aren’t gender specific. These lunches would be great for boys or girls and I’m sure even some adults will love them too. I certainly do and wouldn’t feel silly walking around with them!


But anyway why are you listening to me, get over there and check out the BentoBots for yourselves, I’m sure you’ll want one for yourself too!





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