Oh!Bento UK’s second blogiversary!!!

Today is my second blogiversary!

And while I am extremely happy to have made it this far I am a little sad that I have let my bento making slip recently.

Sadly life has thrown a lot of things my way, such as not being able to eat anything other than Mcdonalds without getting ridiculous stomach pains and other nastiness.

But I will start making bento again soon! Once life has settled a little, I promise.

So please keep your eyes peeled and I hope to be bento making and blogging again soon!

Thank you all and here’s to many more years!!!



      • Congratz on two years! And oh no on the Mcdonalds! Their food scares the daylights out of me(not to mention the lack of vegan goodies).

        It could be a lack of fiber in the Mcdonald’s food causing you problems when you try to eat like you used to.
        An enema bag might be something to use and flush yourself out with water, a reset button if you will. If I eat a lot of junk food over a few weeks, well I’m not getting good food and pooping becomes a bit more… difficult. The water enema helps everything out and I’m good to go, and I start eating fresh healthy foods after it too without any problems. I would not recommend a tiny chemically enema, however. They work differently, and I don’t know the differences, so I can’t recommend that because of that.

        If that doesn’t help, get to a doctor ASAP, could be something else wrong, like a food intolerance. 🙂

        (Sorry to talk about poo on your 2nd anniversary post, but if it helps you get better then it’s worth it, IMO).
        I look forward to new posts when you’re ready!

      • Thank you 🙂

        Yeah it’s definitely not what I want to be eating. It’s just scary eating anything else so it’s easy to just go back to mcdonalds out of fear :/

        I have ibs so luckily I know it’s nothing worse than that. It’s mainly when I’m at work, the thought of eating something on my dinner and then having a bad reaction at work petrifies me. I can deal with the pain and toilet-ness when at home so I eat healthy then… I guess I need to try to find something healthy that doesn’t set me off too bad. Yeh I was thinking some kind of enema or colonic might help. I’ve been trying probiotic yoghurt and that seems to be helping a little.

        Haha it’s ok, we all do it and I appreciate the help! Thank you 🙂

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