Super Simple Salad Bento

I haven’t made a bento in forever!!!

My fridge-freezer broke a few weeks back and due to one reason or another I have been unable to get one.

Sadly I’ve been living off junk which is not only costing a lot it’s not helping my physique in any way.

Luckily the fridge compartment has started to work, in a fashion. So I decided to get some vegetables to combat the weeks of utter junk I have been eating.

Here is the first bento I’ve made in a long time:


Packed in my Easy Lunchbox I have:

• Lettuce
• Cucumber
• Celery
• Radish
• Carrot
• Mushroom
• Cherry tomatoes and a
• Satsuma

It was so simple and easy to do, I promise I’ll do something a little more adventurous soon!


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