Disney Cakes and Sweets Issue 34 Lunchbox / Bento Guide

Issue 33 came with a plastic Minnie Mouse accessories mould,


disney cakes and sweets issue 34


Sadly, again, the mould is made of horrible, cheap-feeling plastic.

How to use in lunch boxes / bento

As the mould is plastic that cuts it’s uses down dramatically. You can’t use it in the oven or freezer (unlike the better silicone moulds) so that’s a no to frozen sauces or shaped egg whites. I’m not sure this mould be very usable for any type of lunch food.

What recipes are included:
• Minnie’s happy holiday cake
• Leadbottom’s lemon tray bake
• Tramp’s tempting gingerbread truffles
• The Aliens’ strawberry moon pies
• Pocahontas’ berry cheesecake
• Mr Fredricksen’s fantastic fudge
• Lightning and Doc cake part 1
• How to make apricot jam
• White chocolate recipes

I really hope they change the moulds back to silicone, but judging from the Eaglemoss facebook page, I’m not the only one!



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