Disney Cakes and Sweets Issue 33 Lunchbox / Bento Guide

Issue 33 came with a Bambi silicone mould.


Disney Cakes and Sweets Issue 33

How to use in lunch boxes / bento

The mould is a large jelly mould so unless you have a very large bento /lunch box you might struggle to incorporate this into a lunch meal. If you do have a large bento you could use it to shape mashed potato, rice or quinoa.

What recipes are included:
• Winnie the Pooh cake part 3
• Charlotte La bBouff’s cherry charlotte
• Mickey’s caramel trail mix
• Queen of Heart’s plying card cake
• Dug’s apricot and almond flapjacks
• Fairy Fawn’s forest fancies
• Bambi’s best ever blancmange
• Making a lattice tart crust


If you saw the post about issue 31 you’d know that for some reason they have swapped out very useful, versatile silicone moulds for some horribly cheap, plastic moulds. From the sneak peak it looks like that is how all moulds will be from now on. Sadly it seems it is  way for them to cut costs.


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