Easter Bento #1

It’s been so long since I posted a bento!!

It’s been just as long since I’ve eaten one, what with starting a new job and trying to get into a routine, I ended up relying on fast food.

As Easter is approaching you should be expecting a lot of Easter themed bento! ( I thought it was in March but a quick Google search shows it is in April..Who knew?!)

So here is a bento I made for last nights tea :Image

In my Monbento Square I have:

It was a very tasty meal, maybe not as exciting as some bento but I think it has it’s own charm, what do you think?



  1. It’s great seeing you posting a bento again.
    I love the Easter theme, think it gives a sense of Spring arriving! (Fingers crossed). The rabbit decorations are very cute and your bento is nicely balanced in colours as well. Plus healthy.
    Looking forward to see more 🙂

  2. Just so you know, Easter changes every year. It is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the first day of Spring. So, it can be in March or April, depending on the cycle of the moon.

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