Issue 25 came with two Lion King cookie cutters with embossers. You get Simba and Pumba.







How to use in lunch boxes / bento:

As with the previous cookie cutters, these are perfect for character sandwiches. They can also be used with sliced meats and cheese or how about an “egg sheet ” (Thin egg omelette) dyed with food dye to make the characters in the right colours and shades?


What recipes are included:
• Simba and Pumba’s iced cookies
• Woody’s sheriff badge cake
• Tiana’s pistachio and cream delights
• Mushu’s chocolate and vanilla biscuits
• Dusty Crophopper’s peanut toffee
• Jafar’s jaffa cake pudding
• Finding Nemo cake part 1
• Making twisted sweets 
•Meringue recipes


I would be extremely cautious when it comes to ordering from the Eaglemoss website and where
possible I would only buy these magazines in store (as I have been doing).

I ordered a large amount of back copies for some friends in America who cannot get them any
other way. I ordered them on the 22/11/13 and paid for next day delivery.

The magazines didn’t arrive.

Eaglemoss have again made an attempt to fix the issue, one parcel arrived with some of the
missing issues. After another exchange of messages I was told I would received the rest of the
issues when they are back in stock.

A few days later another parcel arrived with a few more copies.

Now to wait for the final few!



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