Simple Valentine’s Bento

It’s that time of year, when everything is adorned with hearts and shelves filling up with chocolates and teddy bears.

I don’t make as many decoben ( decorated bento ) as I’d like anymore, so I figured it’s about time I get back into it!

Here is my first Valentine’s themed bento :


In my Monbento Square is packed:

• Two heart shaped, beetroot sandwiches ( I’m a beetroot addict!)

• heart shaped kiwi

• heart shaped boiled egg

• baby plum tomatoes ( two of which are hearts )

• two lengths of cucumber, with a beetroot juice stained, heart shaped middle and

• celery and beetroot salad.

Who knew celery and pickled beetroot would be one of the most delicious things ever, not me for sure! But I’m glad I tried it! ( There’s some more sitting in the fridge…new favourite food? Maybe )

Do you cool for your Valentine?



    • Thank you so much 🙂

      I think the great thing about Valentine’s bento is they can be very simple so they’re perfect for beginners 🙂

      You can make a regular bento and just add a few little vegetable hearts 😉

      It’s always great to hear that people are starting bento, will you be posting pics of them?

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