Disney Cakes and Sweets Issue 20 Lunchbox / Bento Guide

Issue 20 came with a Cinderella’s coach stencil.


How to use in lunch boxes / bento

This stencil may be a little too large to use for a bento but maybe little details could be used to decorate sliced cheese with sauces or rice with furikake or other sprinkles.

What recipes are included:

• Cinderella’s ombré coach cake
• Cogsworth’s custard cream pastries
• Rosetta’s fruity chocolate slab
• Cheshire Cat’s ginger cookies
• Pluto’s pineapple upside-down cake
• Jessie’s yoghurt-coated pretzels
• Aladdin’s Genie cake part 2
• Making sugarpaste bows and ribbons
• Coconut bakes


I would be extremely cautious when it comes to ordering from the Eaglemoss website and where possible I would only buy these magazines in store (as I have been doing).

I ordered a large amount of back copies for some friends in America who cannot get them any other way. I ordered them on the 22/11/13 and paid for next day delivery.

I was told just over a week ago the magazines had been sent again… They still haven’t turned up. Will the magazines ever arrive? That is the question!


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