Monbento Square Lunchbox Review

If you know me you will know I love trying out lunch boxes.

When I heard the Monbento Square would be available again I knew I had to have one!


Monbento were generous enough to provide a Monbento square for this review.

Cost: 4/5

At just under £24 for the Monbento Square you might be a little put off by the price. Don’t be, you get two large boxes and this is one of my favourite lunch boxes already!

Size: 5/5

With a total capacity of 1.7L this is perfect for people with hearty appetites or it can even be used for lots of little side dishes to be taken on a picnic or traveling. But another great feature is that you get two different sized bands so you can use the full 1.7L by using both boxes or if you only need one you have that option too!

Ease Of Use: 4/5

Very easy to pack due to a wonderful square shape. No funny shaped corners to try and pack. Although it may be a little deep for some forms of bento packing.

One of my only problems is that the lid can be a little tough to get off, but that has a silver lining, both boxes are airtight and watertight!

Style: 5/5

I adore Monbento’s style. Everything they design makes me love them a little bit more, I’m hoping to have everything one day!! Wish me luck!

Available in 4 colours, but Monbento are known for their customisation options. Will it come to the square? I don’t know but let’s hope so!

• Airtight / Watertight
• Large capacity that can be halved, very versatile
• Stylish
• Easy to use

• May be a little cost prohibitive
• Lid can be tough to get off

Overall an amazing box, but were you expecting anything less from Monbento?

Here are some lunches packed in the Square




I received the product to review but no cash was exchanged, my review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by the company or anyone else.



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