Three easy bento

I realise I haven’t posted an actual “look here are my bento” post in a long time!

So here are three!

I still haven’t gotten into the swing of making a lunch each day for my new job. Honestly, I’m just too lazy! I’d much rather sit and relax than cook tomorrow’s lunch.. Sad but true!

But I digress, here are three bento that I made for work :


This lunch is packed in my Monbento Square and contains:

• Chicken Tikka Balti and rice
• Teriyaki chicken stir fry
• Mixed Airfried vegetables
• Celery and
• Corn on the cob.

I am loving the Chicken Balti and Teriyaki stir fry, they are from Iceland and are called “Meal in a bag
“. You put them in a frying pan for around 15 and they’re done! Full of wonderful vegetables and delicious chicken!

Moving on!


This lunch is packed in my Paperchase bento. (The link doesn’t go to the exact style as it is no longer available.)

And it contains:

• Egg noodles hidden beneath
• Tuna flakes mixed with pepper and topped with a frozen pyramid of salad cream
• Mashed boiled egg and
• Frozen peas and string beans.

I am so so in love with tuna and I would happily have tuna in most of my bento 🙂

Onto the last bento (and possible most boring)


Packed in a small green oval bento is:

• Stripy bow pasta in salad cream
Squared hard boiled egg
• Roasted sweet pepper
• Bacon wrapped enoki mushrooms and
• A Cherry tomato.

Not very visually appealing but it was sure tasty!!!



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