Secret Santa!

Me and my bento buddies decided to do a secret Santa for Christmas. Sadly as I live in England and most of my bento pals live in the US, post takes a long time to arrive.

But today my parcel arrived!!! Ok, they tried to deliver it yesterday but I was at work so I went to pick it up today 🙂

I couldn’t even wait til I got home to open the large parcel!

My secret Santa was my good friend from Bento for kidlet and boy did she do a great job of making an amazing present!


Included were :

• A Hello Kitty canvas tote and throw set (the throw is ridiculously soft!!!)
• a Hello Kitty bento box
• four different bento cutter and baran sets
• two sets of bento picks
• a Hello Kitty notepad, pens and 3d stickers
• a sandwich cutter and
• an awesome monkey cutter.

My friend at Bento for kidlet knows how much I love Hello Kitty but she must also be a mind reader. I have wanted all of these bento goodies for so so long!!!



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