Frozzypack bento review

I was sent a set of awesome Frozzypack bento lunch boxes to review.


These lunch boxes are genius! The lid goes into the freezer meaning you don’t need extra, separate ice packs.

Onto the review

Cost: 3/5

At around £16 per lunchbox these are a little pricey but when you consider the pros it makes the price a little more bearable.

Size: 5/5

The Frozzypack lunchboxes are available in two sizes. 900ml and 1.2 litres. This is perfect for sandwiches or those with hearty appetites.

Ease Of Use: 4/5

The simple shape and depth of the box make this great for salads and stir fried vegetables. If you want to pack a traditional bento this box may not be for you. Also remember to keep the lid in the freezer?

Style: 5/5
Available in a vast array of colours these boxes are great for adults and children alike.

For adults choose a sleek black base with a coloured lid, for children there are brightly coloured bases and lids that will last as they aren’t overly childish.

• Innovative and saves buying ice packs.
• Keeps for colder for longer.
• Multiple colour variations.

• May be cost prohibitive.
• May be too large for smaller appetites.


Here is some teriyaki chicken stir fry in the Frozzypack

I received the product to review but no cash was exchanged, my review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by the company or anyone else.



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