Two big bento!

I had to make two “double” bento this week. By double I mean they had to contain my dinner and my tea. (Or lunch and dinner if you’re not northern)

They were both simple, but thanks to the awesome Philips Airfryer me and my partner received as a Christmas present, they were also extremely tasty!!

The first was packed in my CoolGear bento box my friend bought me for Christmas.


It contains:

• Plain and stripy bow pasta (I don’t know it’s real name ) mixed with Airfried vegetables and salad cream,

• “Takoyaki” ( plain batter with hotdog pieces cooked in a cakepop maker) with salad cream and brown sauce in mini bottles,

• Airfried mushrooms and

• Potato salad made with Airfried potatoes, boiled egg and the most delicious Airfried bacon.

Seriously, if you love bacon you need to try bacon from an airfryer. Imagine the crunchiest but unburnt bacon ever.

I had the “Takoyaki”, potato salad and mushrooms for dinner and the pasta for tea.

The second was packed in my Monbento Square. (Review coming soon!)


It contains:

• 3 better Takoyaki (I finished them in the airfryer so they were crisp!) with the mini bottles of brown sauce and salad cream,

• Lettuce, celery, cucumber and red cabbage tsukemono,

• Mixed Airfried vegetables (I left them in a little too long so they were a little dry),

• A spring roll and

• Cherry tomatoes.

That’s what I had for dinner. The second tier contained the following for my tea:

• golden vegetable rice,

• Airfried vegetables,

• tamagoyaki (rolled omelette) and

• an Airfried chicken steaklet.

It was delicious!

What would you pack?


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