Tom and Jerry Cookie Cutters

Although I try to eat healthy as much as possible sometimes it is much easier to eat fast food. I wish it wasn’t but sadly it is.

While I was out shopping I decided to grab a burger from McDonalds and that’s when I saw that the range of toys with the Happy Meals was Tom and Jerry. I’ve always loved Tom and Jerry.

Even better is that the toys are all food related and that’s when I saw these :


Tom and Jerry cookie (or bento) cutters!!

I never knew you could buy the toys separately to the happy meal but apparently you can. As I did.

I was also surprised that you get both cutters in one go, I thought you’d get one so that children would want both thus increasing their sales. Not that I’m complaining!

So even if you don’t like the food, you’ve got to love 2 new cutters for ££1!



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