Last weeks bento

I didn’t get a chance to post last weeks bento as I’ve been pretty busy, with Christmas and all.

There’s also some pretty big news I hope to share in the future!!

But I digress, here are the two bento I made last week. Well the two I bothered to photograph. None of the bento last week were particularly photogenic and most contained the exact same foods in.

So here is the first bento:


This lunch packed in a Black + Blum bento box features :

• Teriyaki chicken and noodle stir fry
• Cherry tomatoes and
• Beetroot, cabbage and cucumber salad with some salad cream for dressing.

It was so tasty! I am addicted to the teriyaki chicken stir fry which you can pick up from Iceland!

Bento No.2


(The lighting in this picture is horrible and I apologise!)

It contains:
• teriyaki chicken and noodle stir fry
• bubble and squeak (also from Iceland) and
• home made cucumber, beetroot and cabbage tsukemono

This time I was able to make my tsukemono in a real pickle press thanks to my friend over at Lunch with Eyeness

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