Disney Cakes and Sweets Issue 12 Bento Guide

Today’s (early) issue of Disney Cakes and Sweets came with some awesome Disney alphabet cutters that are the perfect size for bento! It also came with some fair tags which I’m not sure I’ll use but hey, it was worth it for the alphabet cutters alone!


Look how awesome the cutters are!!! I’ve wanted some tiny alphabet cutters for a long time but could never settle on any that I liked and that were in my price range. Then this happens! Cheap enough for me to be happy and I instantly needed them the moment I saw them in last week’s issue in the “next week” preview! I mean, some of the letters have tiny Micky heads in them to make the holes in the letters, you want them too right?

How to use in bento

I’m guessing you’re seeing a theme here? They’re cutters so just like the previous cutters they are perfect for sliced cheese and meats or anything else thin enough to be cut by them. These cutters have a hand little stick on the back of each cutter to help with positioning and cutting 🙂



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