2 for 1 bento

Today you get not just one bento I’ve made but two!

That’s because I forget to post the pic of a bento I made last week!

Here is the bento I had for dinner today:


It was one the first hearty bento I’ve had in a while and everything was so tasty!!

It contained:

• Chinese styled rice (it was in a packet and I’m not sure what made it Chinese…)
• Handmade from scratch pork “Gyoza” (they looked nothing like gyoza but they tasted great!)
• Two pieces of corn on the cob
• Mixed vegetables
• Tiny apple pieces and
• Frozen yoghurt

I was sad the gyoza pretty much turned to mush but they tasted soo good. I think I’ll be trying to make them again.


And here is the bento I made last week:


It contains:
• Chicken noodle soup
• Pulled chicken marinated in chicken gravy and
• Halved boiled egg

It was pretty tasty! A different choice of box may have been a smart option!


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