Disney Cakes and Sweets Issue 10 Bento Guide

Sorry the post is late!!

Combine working and my bad memory and you get me forgetting to buy the magazine!

I even forgot to get the Disney Cakes and Sweets magazine today when I first went into town, and it was one of the reasons I was going!

So after another trip back to town I finally had the 10th issue!


Included with Issue 10 are the rest of the numerical cutters, from 5-9.

Which if you have the previous cutters means you can now make any number 🙂

How to use in bento

As per the previous cutters you can use these to cut out sliced cheese, sliced meats and you could even use them to mould rice or how about number shaped homemade burgers?


While out today I also found some other goodies!

Firstly I found a cookie printing kit:


I’m sure I could find a way to use these in bento 🙂

And I also found a great Calzone press. ( Although I’ll be using it for Cornish pasties!)


It says small… I can’t assure you it’s not small!



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