Shish Kabob Bento

Today may be the start of something good! I’m not spilling too much because I don’t want to jinx it but I’ll let you know once I know 😉

Anyway it’s going to be a pretty busy day for me so I had to pack a bento. Something I’ve been neglecting to do!

As I’ll be busy I thought if have a rice heavy bento for some nice slow release energy and to make sure I had a filling meal. Here it is:


Packed in my Black+Blum Sandwich on Board is:
•Salted long grain rice ( I wanted to use Japanese short grain but my rice cooker thought it would be fun to turn it into porridge instead)
• Nori tamagoyaki
• Instant Tsukemono pickles (cucumber and lettuce) and
• Chicken, mushroom and pepper shish kebobs.

I can’t wait for lunch time to arrive as this smells delicious!!!

I packed the box and some home made sweet tea in my awesome new Built Crosstown bag from Formahouse .



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