Disney Cakes and Sweets Issues 1-7 Bento Guide

I’ve been collecting the Disney Cakes and Sweets magazine and I’ve just bought the 7th issue. I have been buying these magazines for the great baking tools that come with them.

I’m not a great baker but if there’s something I think I’m pretty good at it’s using baking tools to make bento!

It has just occurred I should be helping people work out how they can use these items to make awesome, healthy bento as well as awesome, treats!

This is going to be a long post so get comfy! (I will be posting on about each issue as it comes out on a Thursday meaning future posts will be shorter!)

Issue 1
Issue 1 came with this great Micky Mouse cookie cutter and embosser!20131024-173203.jpg
It may be a bit too big for most bento boxes but if it would fit you could make a great Micky Mouse bento by using it to cut or form rice into his face and then decorate with nori!!

Issue 2

Issue 2 came with these Winnie the Pooh moulds.

These moulds could be filled with melted cheese and left to set so you have little cheese Winnie and friends to decorate your lunch box, maybe laid on a cheese sandwich?

Issue 3

Issue 3 came with a Minnie Mouse cutter and Disney character food picks.
The cutter can be used in the same way as Mickey while the picks can be used to skewer vegetables to make small vegetable kabobs. Or even just put in for decoration!

Issue 4

Issue 4 came with this large Piglet jelly mould.
You would need a pretty large box but you could use this as a rice mould, maybe dye the rice pink!

Issue 5

Issue 5 came with this Mike cutter and some shell moulds. 20131024-173519.jpg
The cutter can be used in the same way as the previous cutters. The moulds could also be used for melted cheese, or as a treat maybe frozen yogurt?

Issue 6

Issue 6 came with some number cutters ranging from 0 to 4.

Used in the same way as previous cutters you can also use them to cut out cold meat slices or cheese to add a special touch to birthday bento!

Issue 7

Issue 7 came with a large Tinkerbell stencil and three star cutters.

The stencil would probably be too large to use in a bento, but feel free to prove me wrong! The cutters however would be perfect for adding little cheese or ham stars adding instant cool points to a lunch!

Wow! Still here? Check back next Thursday for a shorter post about the next issue which comes with some great Mickey cupcake cases!

My friend over at Love, Peace, Bento have the great idea that the stencil could be used with food markers to put the image on cheese slices! Great idea!



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