Bento diet – Day 8

Before I get started!!! My friend over at Eats Amazing has opened a UK based bento shop!!! Yay!! Go check her out!!!

Ok back to the diet!

Today sucked! I pretty much have up today!


I had some porridge with some golden syrup mixed in for sweetener. It was delicious and luckily none of the porridge decided to throw itself out of the bowl this time!


I was walking to my granddad’s which meant I didn’t have time to get much for dinner. I had a small doughnut if that counts?


This is where I completely gave up. I felt so drained from the walk to my granddad’s and I just felt so deflated that I buckled and I ended up getting a takeaway. I had some pizza, chips and some garlic bread. I know, shame on me!


I walk to my granddad’s at least once a week and he lives an hour away from me.
The pedometer app I use is meant to work in the background. And it does. Until it gets to around 700 then it stops. So when I got to my granddad’s and it said 700 steps I could’ve cried. Because I knew I wasn’t going to “hit my target” visually. Anyway it worked on the way back and as it came to 6899 that means I did 6199 on the way back so times that by two and I technically did 12398 there and back 🙂



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