Bento Diet – Day 1

My friend over at I wish I had an adipose came up with a great idea of picking our own challenges to get back in shape and using each other as a support network.

My goal?
To walk at least 10000 steps a day ( maybe excluding Sunday, there’s nothing to do on a Sunday! ) and to use lunch boxes to control my portion size.

If it can’t fit in a bento box it can’t fit in me!

So to start the day I had an apple for breakfast ( I know, not a proper breakfast but I was on the move! )

Speaking of on the move :


I hit and surpassed the 10000 step goal in just over 2 hours, which left the full day to gain even more steps ( which I didn’t track ).

For dinner:

Mushroom and vegetable stir fry with noodles in my Sistema Salad to go

And for tea:


•Chicken Strips
•Water chestnut and bamboo shoot stir fry
•Basmati rice and
Sprinkle some goodness in my Happy Jackson “YAY” lunch box

So it was a pretty good first day, I turned down a bat biscuit AND McDonalds 🙂



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  2. I love that.. “If it can’t fit in a bento box it can’t fit in me!” ~ I should do this too! I need to maintain my weight and bentos are a great way for portion control. Keep it up Keith!! =) You got this!

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