Pirate Day Bento Blog Hop

Ahoy me hearties!!

You’ve only gone and found yourself the best booty there is!

Bento booty!

Today is Talk like a pirate day. Me and me fellow bento shipmates have made a pirate themed bento hop for all you land lubbers to enjoy!

I decided to turn my ship in a different direction, my bento is based on my favourite space pirate, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV from Cowboy Bebop. A show about space pirates and space cowboys!

What could be better?!


This bento contains:
• A peanut butter and jelly/jam sandwich.
• A cheese and nori Radical Edward silhouette.
• Minced beef and non-hallucinogenic mushrooms.
• Cherry tomatoes.
• Broccoli and cauliflower.
• Mixed vegetables and
• Carrot “Ed” smileys.

It also contains my DIY keyboard baran because every genius hacker needs her keyboard.

As this isn’t traditionally pirate-y here is Bentley as a pirate 🙂


He’s a peanut butter and jelly/jam sandwich with nori details.

Avast! Tis the end of my post so turn that ship around and head over to Keitha’s Chaos by clicking the button below before I make ye walk the plank!


If you set sail from me and you’ve come back full circle why not jump ship and see what another set of sea dogs have made!

Click here to stowaway on their ship!



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