Guest Post: Raccoon Bento

Today’s guest post is written by my lovely friend Rebecca. Her bentos are very cute! Take it away Rebecca!

Howdy from Texas!  My name is Rebecca Wolfe, and I am the author of Bentos on the Bayou.  I am so excited to be writing today’s guest post for Keith, and I hope he is having a wonderful time in Turkey!  Keith and I share a love of all things kawaii, especially charaben bento.

The bento I am sharing with you today is 2 little raccoons – something we have plenty of here in Texas!  To get the grey color for the raccoons, I ran black sesame seeds through my coffee grinder, then mixed them with steamed short-grain sushi rice.  NOTE:  Add a bit of warm water as you mix them together to keep the rice from getting too dried out.  The accents on the raccoons are hand cut nori paper and provolone cheese.

What else is in the box?

Green Leaf Lettuce, Snap Peas, Cucumber, Carrot & Celery Sticks, Grape Tomatoes

Colby-Jack Cheese Cubes, Ham

Raccoons Bento

– Rebecca

Wow! The raccoons are so kawaii!

Don’t forget to check out Rebecca’s amazing blog by clicking the button below!

Bentos on the Bayou



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