Guest Post: The Refashionista Bento

Today’s guest post is written by my friend Sheri who shares one of my other passions, sewing! Take it away Sheri 🙂

Hallo from Berlin fellow Bento Fans! I’m Sheri, the Refashionista behind the Blog Awesome Sauce & Asshattery and I am thrilled to be sharing my very first bento attempt with you. As I’m a definite sewing geek I was more than a wee bit surprised when Keith proposed this fab’ guest posting opportunity but having spent 6 lovely years in Tokyo (yet having never made a bento) I figured I simply had to give it a whirl…enjoy!

As I’m a Refashionista a clothing-themed bento was spot on (& super fun to create)!

My quirky little upcycled bento box contains: a shirt & skirt spicy chicken salad onigiri complete with homemade furikake, Korean-style chicken strips, stir fried sesame garlic veggies & a bouquet of fresh carrot & bell pepper slices
…wait a minute…an upcycled bento box?
Yep, you read that correctly…as I had never made a bento before I was sorely lacking any kind of cool bento gear, so, being a clever little Refashionista, I created my own out of some bits I had lurking about the house. Here’s the quick how-to:

1. Grab a standard sized (30x45cm) bamboo or heavy fabric placemat, coordinating paint, two (12x6cm) pieces of wood or thick cardboard & a glue gun.
2. Paint the wood (or cardboard) to match the placemat.
3. Lay the placemat flat. On each side measure 10cm from one end to the center & stick on your wood blocks using the hot glue gun.

4. Apply glue to the ends of the wood & carefully fold the placemat up onto your blocks. The end of your placemat should overlap the top of the wood, simply stick it down with a dab of glue.
5. Repeat the above step to attach the placemat to the back of the wood blocks.
6. Add a simple closure by tying a bead to the front of the lid & a loop to the front of the box.

That’s it! Go line your fancy new bento box with some plastic wrap & load it up with your delicious lunch! *A bamboo placemat combined with wood block sides is surprisingly sturdy!
A huge domo arigatou gozaimashita to Keith for suggesting I try my hand at creating a Bento! I’m definitely hooked & shall be investing in some proper gear soon!
On a side note: This weekend (Friday August 30 – Sunday September 1/2013) I’m offering absolutely free downloads of my second refashioning tutorial book, Confessions of a Refashionista: Bewitched Bedsheets! Further info & your local Amazon download link can be found here:

Wow! Now I have to admit I’m blown away!
For a first time bento this is amazing! And the fact Sheri made her own bento, lets just say I’ll be having a go at that!! Thank you Sheri!



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