Guest Post : Apple Bento

Today i will be going to Turkey ^.^
Some of my wonderful friends have provided some great guest posts to keep my blog going while I’m away 🙂

Today’s guest post is written by the lovely Kathy from Eclectic Lamb. Her bento is so adorable! You have to check it out below!

Take it away Kathy!

Hi, I am Kathy from Eclectic Lamb. I am so happy to guest post today for Keith! My husband and I have 9 nephews and 3 nieces ranging in age from almost 2 years to 16 years old. We live in a rural area of New York State, United States. The main focus of my blog is cute vegetarian lunches that I make for my nieces, nephews, and my husband. (Sometimes I share lunches I made for myself.) I also enjoy and share crafts and party planning.

Apple Bento

It is now apple season in my area. I enjoy going apple picking and make many fun things with the fresh apples. My 14 year old niece ate this bento. She requested the homemade mini apple pie (cradled with a Boston Lettuce leaf). I made a rice pilaf with vegetable broth, toasted almonds, and diced apple. It is garnished with an apple covered in cinnamon and a cheddar cheese apple. The broccoli is supposed to be apple trees. I cut apple skins for the apples. I was told that it was a delicious lunch.


See, wasn’t her lunch so cute!
Did you know that in Turkey you can get apple tea? It’s delicious!



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