Vegetarian bento, generosity and more bento swag

My wonderful friend Alexandra from Lunches With Eyeness sent me an amazing parcel.

It contained this great bento book full of truly stunning ideas!!


One of the lunches in the book inspired my bento for today,


It contains:
•Sliced omelette
Instant “tsukemono” pickles
•Sliced carrot
•Mixed salad
•Cherry tomatoes and
•Carrot and cucumber kabob with a bottle of chilli-mayo.

Also in the parcel were two beautiful craft pieces from Japan.

One was a beautiful, little kimono:


The next was a beautiful montage of miniature, paper dolls:


Both of these pieces are now on my wall 🙂

Also today two cutter sets arrived that I managed to get very cheap from eBay 🙂


Yay bento swag!



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