Adult bento – pink stir fry

Another meal in an Easy Lunchbox 🙂


This meal was delicious and filling!
It contained a stir fry made up of :
• Chicken cubes
• Beansprouts
• Carrots
• Mushrooms
• Celery
• Red peppers
• Rice dyed with beetroot juice
• Chip spice and tomato purée

The meal also had a small side salad of lettuce and beetroot, with the smaller compartment housing some very tasty cherry tomatoes.



I am currently playing around with an idea to start a “travelling bento”.

The premise is I would send a bento box to someone, they would make a lunch in the bento box and take some pictures to blog. They would then send the box on to the next person etc.

So what do you think?

If you are a UK bento fan or you know some UK bento fans please let them know 🙂



  1. The travelling bento box sounds like a fabulous idea, a great way to meet other UK bentoers too.

    This chip spice and rice sounds delicious, my mum is currently hoarding six tubs of it to send to me, I don’t think it even exists outside Grimsby and Hull 😦

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