Pink Sandwich Bento

The lovely Rie from Rie’s bento and cooking is holding a little course to help people get into the bento culture.

Even though I have been making bento for over a year I still like to join in courses like this as leaning any new tips can’t be a bad thing right?

The first them of the course was “Sandwich bento for Rie“.

So here is my attempt at a sandwich bento, something I’m not too used to making!


The Monbento box contains ham and cucumber sandwiches, ham and cheese speckled eggs, cucumber and carrot skewers and “rabbit” apples all separated with my hand made baran .

Here are the tools and accessories used:


1. Monbento Original Bento Box
2. Diy Baran
3.Cookie cutters
4.Egg Mould
5. Small circle cutter
6. Hello Kitty Picks
7. Bento Vegetable Cutter*

*Though it shows a large cutter I did end up using the smaller version.

What are your favourite sandwich fillings?



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