Built Expendable Lunch Bag Review

It’s great to have a selection of bento boxes, as there is nothing better than choice.
Another great thing to have a selection of is transport for your lunch.

How upset would you be if you spent all morning preparing a beautiful lunch and on your way to work the carrier bag split spilling your lunch all over the floor.

That’s where this great Built Expandable Lunch Bag , kindly provided by Wayfair, comes in.

This expandable bag allows you to carry your lunch in a safe and versatile way.
Walk to work? Clip it on your bag.
Cycle to work? Clip it to your bike.

Onto the review!

Cost: 4/5
While there are a few bento bags cheaper than this product’s £35.99 price tag, I believe the versatility of this bag makes it a great contender. There are a few bento bags on the market for around the same price that do not allow you the freedom this bag does.

Size: 5/5
I have seen many reviews stating this bag is too small to fit any type of lunch in. These people must’ve been trying to pack a feast!
Here is a list of some of the boxes I tried and managed to fit in this bag:
Rosti Mepal MIDI lunchbox
Aladdin eCycle
Easy Lunch Boxes (with a squeeze)
Sisteme Slimline Quaddie (with a squeeze)
Black+Blum Bento Box
•Most traditional 2 tier bento boxes

Ease Of Use: 5/5
It couldn’t be easier to use this bag, simple put in your lunch box, roll down the top and fasten the clip to form a handle. Easy.

Style: 4/5
With three different design options available this simple yet elegant looking bag would be well suited to most but
may not be quite colourful enough for small children.


•Unique roll top design folds down to create handle with buckle closure.
•Handle clips onto bags, backpacks, prams or bikes.
•Insulates food on the go.
•Fits multiple containers.
•Made from poly canvas and Eva.

•May be cost prohibitive.
•Could be more colour options.

I received the product to review but no cash was exchanged, my review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by the company or anyone else.



  1. Awesome lunch tote. I’ve used this through all four seasons either clipped to my backpack or on my arm walking to and from work. This looks deceivingly smaller than it really is. I was able to pack bento boxes, my water bottle, and a reusable sandwich bag in this tote with room to spare. Nothing spilled in the tote either.

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