Kuhn Rikon Colori Knife Review

Another Wayfair review 🙂

This time it is the Kuhn Rikon Colori Knife !


Some of you may remember a post I did a while back about how my knives couldn’t cut sushi, well the lovely lady who has been helping me out at Wayfair read the post and offered for me to do a review on a knife which I thought was super sweet!!

So this is the knife I’ve received and I’ve got to tell you I’m hooked! I’ve never used a knife that cuts through everything so precisely and with little effort! I even managed to cut sushi with no fuss!!!

Cost: 5/5

When compared to the prices of some other professional grade knives this is a bargain! At £15.99 on Wayfair this knife is affordable and worth every penny!!

Size: 5/5

At 12.5cm this knife is perfect for vegetables, meat, sushi and any other type of food you need chopping, dicing or mincing!

Ease Of Use: 5/5
With a strong, sharp blade this knife works like a dream. It also comes with it’s own protective sheath, quite a bonus!

Style: 5/5
Available in an array of colours these knives look great, you can even have a different knife saved for different food items to help minimise contamination!

• Strong, sharp blade.
• Affordable.
• Included sheath.
• Multiple colours.

• Sheath can slide off quite easily.
• Enamel on blade can be scratched off quite easily.

I received the product to review but no cash was exchanged, my review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by the company or anyone else.

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