Blomus Gaio Sushi Set Review

Here is another review in the Wayfair review series.

This review is for the Blomus Gaio Sushi Set


This is a beautifully simple sushi / finger food set. The set contains two porcelain plates, two weighted chopsticks, two silver snack forks and two silver chopstick / fork stands that fit onto the plates.

Cost: 3/5

At £45.15 this is definitely a luxury item, but as far as sushi platters go the price is pretty standard across the board ranging from £40+ for the nice sets.

Size: 3/5

You get two plates in this set which makes it great for a couple but not so ideal for a dinner party scenario which is were I’d imagine sushi serving is most likely, however it would be perfect for those who love sushi and want romantic meals together with a loved one.

Style: 5/5

This set has a minimal, yet beautiful aesthetic. With two plain white porcelain plates and stainless steel accessories this set doesn’t need fancy patterns. Sure to fit in with any colour / pattern scheme in your home.

• beautifully simple design.
• luxury feel.
• Chopsticks and Snack forks.
• Easy to clean.

• Not suited to party scenarios.

Out of this set and the Alessi set I think my favourite would be the Alessi Set but it was a hard decision and this is certainly a great set!

I received the product to review but no cash was exchanged, my review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by the company or anyone else.

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