DIY Bento Baran (Updated)


I bought some silicon coasters from eBay, I received four for Β£1.50 with free delivery. They come in multiple colours and I received pink, brown, lime green ( looks yellow to me) and a darker green.

Here is how they look when cut into baran πŸ™‚



I have a habit of wanting something for a while, deciding I don’t want to pay the price/ like the style and then figure I’ll make it myself.

Some of you may remember I did a post about how to make your own bento picks. See, I could just buy a pack of picks but nope, I have to try my hand at making them πŸ™‚

Anyway I had my eye on some Baran ( pieces of silicon used to separate food) but I didn’t want to pay Β£4+ for four small pieces. I figured that baran is generally made of silicon so in theory I could make my own out of some silicon baking sheets.

One large sheet cost Β£2.50 with delivery and here is what I’ve made so far:


I still have way over half the sheet left!

All you would need to make these yourself is some silicon baking sheets, sharp scissors, some optional paper punches and some creativity!

Let me know if you make some, I’d love to see them!!


I made some more baran πŸ™‚

Some of it didn’t work out as I’d planers as I started to rush it, whoops!
But here it is:




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