Spaghetti Bolognese Bento

Bento&co is holding another competition this year and the theme is pasta!

So be expecting a lot of pasta bento up until the competition ends!

Here is today’s attempt:


It is in my newly purchased Zak bento from T K Maxx ( you may notice it’s the same type as my green one used previously).
The lunch contains:
• Two small “cups” of spaghetti bolognese made with vegetarian mince.
• A tempura prawn.
• Two duck spring rolls.
Instant pickled cucumber ( tsukemono )
• Radish “baran”.
• Mixed Vegetables.
• A cherry tomato.

While I don’t think is good enough to be a contender for the competition it was extremely tasty!!

Also, anyone who likes Dorayaki, get yourself to Tesco! They sell plain Dorayaki or hazelnut Dorayaki for 75p!


I have become a huge fan of the hazelnut Dorayaki!!!



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