World Book Day – Potter Bento

Today is World Book Day!!!
So to commemorate I have made a Harry Potter Bento⚡


This box contains:
⚡A “Dragon” egg, which sadly absorbed too much dye as it was supposed to be a cracked effect.
⚡A “Golden Snitch” egg.
⚡The Deathly Hallows symbol.
⚡Mixed vegetables.
⚡Meaty rice
⚡Pickled cucumber

You may notice the background is trees, Forbidden Forest anyone? :p

For more fun filled, book themed lunches head over to Eats Amazing 🙂


I am also using bento to try and raise awareness of Red Nose Day which is a great charity, I only need to raise £35 more to reach the target ( that means if 35 people donate you only need to donate £1!!!) so please help make a small donation so we can make a difference!

Donations can be made here >>>>>



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