Sistema Cutlery To Go Review and Simple Bento

I was sent a set of “Cutlery To Go” from Sistema to review.


This is a great set made up of collapsible chopsticks, a knife, fork and spoon all in a handy and hygienic carry case!

Cost: 5/5
While some people may think £5.50 is expensive for a cutlery set I think it it is a very reasonable price for a cutlery set that is collapsible and has its own carry case to keep them cutlery clean and hygienic.

Size: 5/5
The cutlery collapses and is stored in a compact case that can be easily slipped into a bag to be carried with your lunch.

Ease Of Use: 3/5
A great set that snaps together and apart, while they aren’t too hard to take apart they can be a little stiff which may cause problems for smaller children.
This set would be great for picnics, bento or even taking to a restaurant if you don’t want your children handling sharper, metal cutlery.

Style: 5/5
As far as cutlery goes this set has quite a stylus edge. Available in four bright colours means they won’t need to get mixed up!

•Collapsible and compact.
•Bright colours.
•Hygienic carry case.
•Great for picnics and bento etc

•Can be a little tough to take apart.

This great set can be purchased


Here is the bento I used the collapsible cutlery woth

This lunch contains tamagoyaki,radishes,mixed vegetables and sushi. Sadly the sushi rice was too mushy so I couldn’t cut it into pieces 😦

I received the product to review but no cash was exchanged, my review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by the company or anyone else.



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