Sistema Slimline Quaddie Review and Vegetarian Bento

Another review!
I know it seems like that’s all I’m doing recently so I’m sorry if you’re not interested in reviews but I will be making more bento soon! 🙂

Today’s review is the Sistema Slimline Quaddie!


This box is pretty big, a lot bigger than most bento boxes.

Cost: 5/5
This box averages around £5 to buy, and can be bought on Amazon and from many other stores.
For £5 you get a lot of space and some nifty features too!

Size: 3/5
I have given this box a 3/5 for size because, even though it is undeniably a large box for a small cost, it can be hard to decide what to pack while being able to fill up the full box without the food shifting around. This can however be easily remedied with the use of silicon cups. If you usually pack sandwiches and an apple with a drink this may be the box for you, if you pack small kyaraben or are on a diet, sadly this box may not be suited to you.
This box is 1.5L so that shows you how much bigger it is when compared to a normal bento box.

Ease Of Use: 3/5
While a great and sturdy box it can be hard to decide what to pack. Having a very large main section with three smaller sections in the lid it can be a struggle filling it all. I feel this box would be best used by adults who have very busy days. The main body can contain lunch, the medium compartment housing a drink or ice pack (or both) and the two smaller compartments can be filled with nuts or other snacks.

If being used for a child I would recommend a sandwich, a full fruit and some healthy snacks as the large size doesn’t lend itself to the tightly packed japanese style bento.

Style: 5/5
Available in a huge range of colours these boxes can be used by males or females, children or adults.

• Sturdy.
• Unisex.
• Drink bottle included can be used as ice pack.
• Compartments for nuts or other snacks.

• Size may be too large for some.

This is a generally great box, better suited to adults unless you are very clever with your packing skills. I would recommend this box to anyone who needs a larger than normal box.

Here is a lunch I packed into the Sistema Slimline Quaddie:


It contained mixed vegetable, meatless mince, cherry tomatoes and rice with chip spice ( which is amazing! ).


And in the top compartment two little rabbit apples 🙂

I received the product to review but no cash was exchanged, my review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by the company or anyone else.



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