Muji Bento Box Review

I have been sent a number of items to review recently and one of those I have been sent is the Muji Bento Box

This box is made exclusively for Mujiand even though it looks similar to other square bento boxes it does feel a bit sturdier and even looks slightly more stylish and minimalistic.

Cost: 4/5
This box is £12.95, which a lot of people would find expensive for its relatively small size, but it is definitely worth it. This product is sturdier, more stylised and unlike a lot of single layer boxes of this style, it is leakproof!

Size: 3/5
While relatively small, in comparison to many other boxes on the market, at 400ml, this box is very deceptive. At first glance it looks like it wouldn’t fit more than a serving of rice, but in actual fact it can hold a fair amount of food if packed correctly.

Ease Of Use: 3/5
Being slightly smaller will either make it easier to pack or harder depending on the person. I personally find it easier to pack smaller boxes as I don’t have to worry about empty spaces or the food shifting about. You definitely wouldn’t need to add any extra side dishes just to fill in spaces.

Style: 3/5
This was a tough one. There are many one tier, square boxes around the same size as this. This box does however look slightly more futuristic and clean ( not in a “just been washed” way but in a more stylised way). If you want a square plain box this is the box, especially if you feel uneasy carrying a box adorned with Hello Kitty or the like.

•Sturdy and stylised.
•Adult and child friendly.
•Removable divider.

•Small size may not benefit everyone.
•May be slightly cost prohibitive.


To show how much food can be packed here is a bento I made.

This lunch contains: Prawn tempura, two cocktail sausages, a star shaped onigiri, mixed vegetables and cherry tomatoes.

I received the product to review but no cash was exchanged, my review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by the company or anyone else.



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