FunBites review and Burger Bites

So I was recently emailed about doing a review for FunBites and I jumped at the chance. This tool is sold on the fact it makes food more appetising to picky eaters as well as making food easier for young children to manage.

When I received the package, I chose the “cube it”, the first thing I did was run to the kitchen, make a jam sandwich and used the tool to chop it into multiple, little pieces. It was so easy to use!

I wanted to do something a little more challenging to show you it’s capabilities so decided on making Burger Bites.


These would be great for young children at BBQ’s!

Here’s a pic to show each bite has all the ingredients for a great burger!

This product would be great if you have children who can’t take large mouthfuls or prefer smaller portions. You could carry this small and useful tool to be used in restaurants, family meals or anywhere else food would be served.

All you do is push down on the food with the main cutter body, rock back and forth and then use the “top” to push out your cut food. Easy!

For a more In depth post about how to use it and the best way to get perfect results click here to be taken to Bent On Better Lunches

I received the product to review but no cash was exchanged, my review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by the company or anyone else.



  1. LOVE the burger bites. This is exactly what I think it would have been useful for back in the day when my kids were eating their first foods. Why didn’t I have this tool then? We would go out to eat after church and my food was cold by the time that I was done chopping up the baby’s food!

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