Adult Bento – Vegetarian Bolognese

I have decided to try and focus more on adult friendly lunches, this doesn’t mean I will be hanging up my character bento gear, after all I said “try” and everyone needs a little, cute lunch once in a while.

The bento below may not be cute but it was very tasty and filling 🙂

Some of you may have read that I discovered a product known as “meatless mince” from Iceland ( the shop not country) it is Iceland’s own brand version of Quorn mince. It is however different in both cost and taste, in the sense it is both cheaper and tastier than Quorn, in my opinion at least.

Anyway I have been using it the past few days and today I really wanted Bolognese. I wasn’t sure how it would taste but let me tell you it was potentially the best bolognese I’ve had in a long time!


I packed it into my Black+Blum Box Appetit with rice and mixed vegetables. If you’re wondering why rice and not spaghetti, it’s because I’m not a huge fan of spaghetti 😦

And just to show off how dang cool the Black+Blum Box Appetit here is the box with it’s lid on.

Cool box huh?


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