Winnie the Pooh cookie cube and meatless mince!

Tomorrow is A.A.Milne’s birthday and to celebrate me and some of my fellow BBF buddies are doing what we do best, making lunches.
We will be having a Winnie the Pooh (and anything else linking to Milne) bento linky party 🙂

I saw a product I’ve wanted for ages but didn’t particularly need, now is defiantly a time in which I’ll need it, the product?

A Winnie the Pooh cookie cutter cube!

A great product for only £2!

I also bought some “meatless mince” from Iceland ( I thought I’d picked up Quorn… I was wrong) luckily it was delicious, maybe more so than Quorn and definitely more tasty ( and easier to cook!) than Iceland’s own brand mince. And at £2 for 1KG you can’t go wrong!


I made my Winnie bento as soon as I got in as I couldn’t wait!

Here is a sneak peek!




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