Odds and Ends bento in an ELB

It seems like ages since I did a food shop so this bento is just odds and ends and is definitely not going to win awards for presentation!


I packed my ELB with two onigiri (rice balls) filled with tuna,mayo and sweetcorn. As the rice balls only had a tiny amount of the tuna,mayo mix I decided I’d mix some cucumber in and have that in the medium compartment. In the small compartment there is a sliced, boiled egg. As the main compartment looked bare I filled it with celery.



  1. My sailor boy would love for me to pack him tuna – I never think of it since I don’t like it myself – but I should! There, i’ve just decided to start a list of bentos I will make him when he returns from sea and this will go at the top. Love the heart and star shapes 🙂

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