Paper chase Bento Box Review


Paperchase Bento Box review

Paperchase is a company that sells many things ranging from cards, stationary and recently bento boxes, marketed as snack containers. I have come across two types of boxes, snaptop boxes and a set of four nesting boxes.

Below is a simple review for the snaptop boxes sold by paperchase.


Paperchase’s selection of bento boxes seems ever changing. While the type of box remains the same, being a one tier with a removable divider, cutlery and a snaptop lid, the actual images on the lid and colour of the boxes are constantly changing. This is a good thing if you like the type of the box but dont want lots with the same illustration on but it can cause a problem if you saw a particular design you liked but weren’t able to make the purchase there and then.

The designs are usually quite feminine but unlike most bento they are not super cute or childlike, infact some are almost avant garde and would appeal to teenagers. They sometimes even have boxes that wouldn’t offend a boy if he turned up to school with it!


This style of box goes for £6.75 which some will find expensive and some will find a fair price. I personally at first thought it was a little expensive for a one tier box, but it has soon become one of my favourite and most used boxes. It even gets used nearly everday by my partner to take his sandwiches to work! ( Even though my box is pretty girly and he’s a very manly man!)


The reason this has become one of my favourite bento boxes is because it is so easy to pack! It is big enough to house the usual rice, meat and vegetables but is also wide enough if you wanted to make a kyaraben, something a lot of thinner, two tier boxes don’t allow. This box is about 600ml so is quite similar in size to many two tier bentos without taking as much space. This is also a great box for if you do just want some no fuss sandwiches.


Overall this is a great, versatile bento box and would make a perfect first bento box, but would be equally suited to be used by even the best kyaraben artist. For those who think it is a little too expensive you will soon forget about the price tag when you use it everyday and it never lets you down. This box is pretty much leak proof, its sturdy and I imagine it would outlast many cheaper bento boxes. If however you do see a box design you like, buy it then and there as it will most likely have gone by your next visit and its non identical twin will be sitting in its place.




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