Super cheap and easy bento!

Today I craved soboro ( the Japanese term for food that is crumbly, like scrambled egg or minced beef etc )

So I made a very quick and easy soboro bento 🙂


This bento was super quick to make, I simply threw the rice, peas and sweetcorn in my awesome tefal rice, and everything else, cooker.

While the rice and vegetables were cooking I cut the carrot and cucumber, put them in a freezer bag, sprinkled with some sea salt and some chilli flakes and then put in the fridge.

I then used my triple tamagoyaki pan to cook my oriental mixed vegetables, my scrambled egg soboro and my minced beef soboro all in one go, saving time and gas 🙂

Once everything was cooked I assembled it into the boxes and decorated with some ham and cheese stars.

This box was really filling and even with all of the different ingredients this box cost less than £1 to make!



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