New AMAZING onigiri bento box!


I have been waiting for this box for 15 days!!!!
That may not sound like a long time to wait but if you’ve read my previous posts you will know how impatient I am!!

But it finally came and it is amazing!

It’s such a genius box, it is split into three sections giving you multiple ways to use this box. You can have:

• 1 onigiri in the top part with the two bottom compartments filled with side dishes.

• 2 onigiri with the bottom compartment being filled with a side dish.

• 3 onigiri and no side dishes or 3 side dishes and no onigiri.

Remove the middle black layer

• 1 onigiri in the top and a side dish in the bottom.

• 2 onigiri and no side dishes.

I love this box so much and can’t wait to use it!

The bottom layer is 150ml, the middle and lid are both 200ml for a total of 550ml.

I bough this from a company called Cool Bento Life through their eBay store.

( they don’t currently have anything on their eBay and this item isn’t shown on their site)




  1. I broke down and bought one. But I found it on Amazon through Daniel’s House, a seller I’ve bought from before. I6 was about 3/4 cheaper than the one on eBay. Maybe the shipping to the UK is cheaper than to the US for the eBay seller, but I didn’t want to pay more to ship the item than what I would pay for it. Mine will be the pink one!

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