Bento Tip #4 : Ice Cream Bento Box Alternative


What can you do if you’ve just gotten into bento making but you have yet to buy a bento box or maybe you just want a larger bento box but don’t want to spend £20+ on a lunch box?

I’m sure everyone has had ice cream, so why not repurpose the ice cream tub as a bento?

The kind of box you’ll want to use is the oval type of box made of plastic. A cardboard tub is probably not going to work.

All I did was scratch off the labels, this would be made easier and neater by using sandpaper.

If you do this you will have a large bento box for the price and joy of a tub of ice cream ( My tub was 900ml, the size of most large bento boxes). You may need a band to keep it together although most have tight fitting lids so should be fine if kept upright.



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