Bento Tip #3 : Sandwich Rolls


So you’ve seen looking at bento and you want to try it for your child/ loved one but you don’t have the tools or mate they’re picky and refuse to eat anything but sandwiches, what can you do?!

Sandwich Rolls!
They’re a simple way to make sandwiches more bento friendly, you’ll want to start with bread that’s fluffy and not too thick, putting the bread in the microwave ( turned on ) for a few seconds will make the rolling easier.

Then simply put the filling on top of the roll, leave a little, tiny gap around the edges then cut off the crusts.

Roll the bread and filling like you would roll a newspaper and et voila you have a sandwich roll. Now cut into halves of thirds, depending in the hight of your bento box.

This is also a great way to get more than one sandwich in a box 🙂

(please excuse the sorry state of my rolls but this is the first time I’ve done it and warm bread + chocolate spread = runny mush )



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