Bento tip #2 : bento veg!

For all those people who worry about buying fresh vegetables for their bento… STOP!

If you want a variety of vegetables in your bento but don’t want to keep spending multiple pounds every day or two there is a very simple solution!

Iceland! Now I know Iceland has had some bad press but in all honesty their frozen vegetables are amazing!

You can buy huge bags of frozen veg, including but not restricted to; peas, mixed oriental vegetables, floret mix and mixed roasting vegetables. These start at £1 and the most I’ve seen is £2.

£2 for a bag of veg that can last months? bargain!

Also Iceland have a great range of “party food” which are great for bento as they are essentially tiny versions of normal food!!



  1. Odd question, is that the Grimsby Iceland? Great tip for picking up veg from there, I normally get it from Tesco but the price is creeping up and up. Also the party food is a great idea, think I shall be popping off there tomorrow.

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